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Cenex Harvest States, Inc

  • Architect and developer of Terminal Position Automation Datamart. This datamart provides a reporting environment for propane shipment and consumption for the entire midwest. Railcar and trucks automatically report shipments while customer contracts and lift is captured. Customer invoicing is transmitted along with contractual data from JD Edwards Accounting system. Datamart is 100% automated to provide business representatives with a clear propan inventory view and calculated future shipment and lift. 
  • Development of ETL to pull vendor agriculture data into the enterpise data warehouse. SSIS packages developed to populate 8 dimension tables and 4 fact tables. ETL developed to allow clean data into the Data Warehouse while non conforming data written to processing error log for manual intervention.
  • Development of an SSAS cube reflecting daily agriculture commodity position reporting. SSAS cube supports the business hierachy, commodity, future and present positions via date dimension. SSIS packages populate the dimension and fact tables daily, along with cube processing each night.
  • Development of ETL in ODS to view refined fuels customer contractual commitment to actual lift and invoice for compliance purposes. Data pulled from JD Edwards and Microsoft CRM. Reporting provided in SSRS.
  • Development of SSIS ETL as well as SSRS reports with the credit processing group. Maintenance MVC coding for business and client credit card processing applications.
  • ETL support of the eDocs invoice application. This application sits on top of the corporate ODS instance and integrates data from JD Edwards and Microsoft CRM. Support of the day to day ETL as well as reporting modification.

Wells Fargo Mortgage, Inc

  • Active Data Warehouse development in Teradata.  Warehouse development performed under Data Stage and multi-set Teradata tools.  Delivery of Shaw loan based origination data through Data Stage jobs and also compliance base development under Teradata multi-set environment. 
  • Senior Data Stage developer with Wells Fargo bank and mortgage Enterprise Data Warehouse divisions.  ETL developed from OS390 mainframe source, SQL Server and Oracle sources.  Warehouse and data mart development performed in Data Stage for Financial Data Mart (FDM), You Owe Me (YOM) Oracle store consisting of 62 transaction based tables and Timer Operational (TO) SQL Server based store development.
  • Key Analyst / Developer of Star Schema based warehouse implementation, Data Stage and SQL driven ETL.  Developer of Data Stage ETL to drive the daily refresh of an operational data mart used to drive financial campaigns.  The campaign data mart is manipulated with the Unica Affinium suite of tools, and primarily produces a water fall inclusion / exclusion customer criteria used in promotional campaigns
  • Lead developer in implementing enterprise privacy across the financial data warehouse.  Seventeen indicators were applied on a customer level based on loan, social security or phone number key.  Privacy implementation required a number of control process and reports per implementation.
  • Lead developer in the development of an ETL application for mortgage related servicing warehouse.  ETL of a single fact table, 52 aggregate tables, 24 range tables and 216 dimension tables.  Servicing environment updated on a monthly basis (business month end), building approximately 120 Gigabytes in 7 hours.  ETL application has been in production for nearly 2 years, with full history consuming approximately 1.7 Terabytes of space.
  • Lead developer in the implementation of an ETL process for a data mart used by mortgage delinquency to study financial behavior of a portfolio loan prior to default.  Marketing environment updates on a monthly basis (business month end), building approximately 80 Gigabytes in 4 hours.  ETL application has been in production for about 1 year, and maintains only the current month of marketing data.
  • Development of multiple UDB user defined functions and stored procedures used in the support of the data warehouse daily / monthly ETL build process.  This is significant in the UDB environment given the complex method IBM has implemented for user defined and stored procedures.
  • Development of numerous Visual Basic applications interfacing Microsoft Access metadata to UDB.  The interfaces allow business users to define, view and update metadata related to range and dimension tables.  Actions within the Visual Basic interfaces directly affect (per user action) the UDB environment

Liberty Check Printing, Inc

  • Lead consultant in the design and development of a financial reporting application utilized to report the performance of numerous credit union clients.   The financial reporting application runs on numerous Compaq servers, running Sun Solaris X86,  on Oracle 8i.  The application utilizes the Oracle SQL Loader facility to load mainframe data in to the Open System environment.  The customer source data is then processed into a single fact table (much like a Data Warehouse) through the execution of a package of PL/SQL scripts.  Again, through the execution of PL/SQL procedures, the fact table is broken out into many aggregate tables, facilitating the reporting application.  The entire report application processes a client in 30 minutes to 4 hours.

Edina Reality, Inc

  • Developer of a Data Mart to report sales performance.  Data originates from an Oracle database used for Agent Automation.  Data extraction from this system to a Sql Server database.  A number of reports were developed reporting sales performance.  The reporting environment runs on the Sql Server mart utilizing Microsoft Excel through VBA.