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Honeywell, Inc

  • Lead technical analyst in the rollout of a security monitoring center in Minneapolis.  The monitoring facility was built around a third party application requiring Sybase as a RDBMS, and the IBM RS6000 as a server.  As a lead analyst I participated in the hardware architecture (including RAID decisions), redundancy, service and support.  The criticality of this operation required the development of custom replication of data between the primary system and two backup systems.   
  • Development of enterprise performance monitoring tool to monitor the performance of the third party application, the Sybase server and the Unix operating system.  The application, written in Microsoft Visual Basic monitors the three entities and updates a series of performance related tables.  The application utilizes the Sybase Open Client to monitor the Sybase server, and to update the performance statistics.
  • Development of an Interactive Voice Recognition (IVR) application used to provide sales force automation without the requirement of computer automation in the field.  The application was developed in Microsoft Visual Basic, integrating with Stylus Visual Voice.  The application allows sales agents to inquire about specific accounts, update the standing of those accounts and schedule certain services related to those accounts, all with the use of a push button telephone.  The application relies on the connection to a Sybase database located on an IBM RS6000.

Wells Fargo, Inc

  • Development and support of real-time co-existence application used in an online transaction processing package.  The communication application, referred to as Transformation Server translates financial data from a source (Sybase Replication Server) and transmits to a destination (Sybase CICS Gateway Server).  The software runs as a background process, communicating with both source and destination under a well defined protocol, over a multiple socket connections.

Chronimed, Inc

  • Analysis of stored procedures and implementation of approved changes against the top 200 procedures of the more than 1,500 procedure Order Entry system.  Tuning of the Sybase server took place to optimize performance against Sybase release 11.9.2.  Also, since the DEC Alpha  serves multiple applications (PeopleSoft accounting and pharmacy mail order), the implementation of Sybase on the DEC Alpha was re-engineered to split these applications on separate Sybase server instances, providing better performance and increased administration service.
  • Lead analyst in the upgrade of Sybase version 10 based server to Sybase 11.9.2.  Applications residing on later version of Sybase include an internally developed OLTP application and Peoplesoft. 

Gage Marketing, Inc 

  • Performed data layout and development consultation at this client, filling in for absent consultants when needed.  Duties include Sybase version 11 support and development of Sybase Transact SQL scripts for numerous marketing applications.