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Ecolab, Inc

  • Architect and developer of a datamart referred to as Commitment Engine. This application calculates technician scheduled customer visits based on a number of sophisticated factors. The process is driven via an MS 2012 SSIS package for which I worked as the architect, business analyst, developer and production support resource. Customer Value Dashboard reports customer interaction developed in SSRS.
  • Creation of SmartPower reporting as part of the Executive Business Reports (EBR) dashboard. The reports are developed in SSRS and are formatted in such a way that the reports can be elegantly exported to MS Powerpoint and used for client presentations. The reports I developed for EBR are related to washer performance metric reporting.
  • Developer of SSRS reports used to show distributor reselling of Ecolab products in both the US and Canada. The hierarchical reports show multiple performance graphs, rolling 24 over months and can be drilled for detail data.
  • Development of SSRS reports replacing Access Database VBA applications. The new SSRS reports are capable of exporting to MS Excel the same as the Access VBA output.

Cenex Harvest States, Inc

  • Architect and developer of Terminal Position Automation Datamart. This datamart provides a reporting environment for propane shipment and consumption for the entire midwest. Railcar and trucks automatically report shipments while customer contracts and lift is captured. Customer invoicing is transmitted along with contractual data from JD Edwards Accounting system. Datamart is 100% automated to provide business representatives with a clear propan inventory view and calculated future shipment and lift.
  • Development of ETL to pull vendor agriculture data into the enterpise data warehouse. SSIS packages developed to populate 8 dimension tables and 4 fact tables. ETL developed to allow clean data into the Data Warehouse while non conforming data written to processing error log for manual intervention.
  • Development of an SSAS cube reflecting daily agriculture commodity position reporting. SSAS cube supports the business hierachy, commodity, future and present positions via date dimension. SSIS packages populate the dimension and fact tables daily, along with cube processing each night.
  • Development of ETL in ODS to view refined fuels customer contractual commitment to actual lift and invoice for compliance purposes. Data pulled from JD Edwards and Microsoft CRM. Reporting provided in SSRS.
  • Development of SSIS ETL as well as SSRS reports with the credit processing group. Maintenance MVC coding for business and client credit card processing applications.
  • ETL support of the eDocs invoice application. This application sits on top of the corporate ODS instance and integrates data from JD Edwards and Microsoft CRM. Support of the day to day ETL as well as reporting modification.

Bluestem Brands, Inc

  • Architect / Developer in the design and development of multiple collections applications. Conversion from the flagship credit application CoreIssue to First Data. The First Data credit application hosts Bluestem Brand credit data on main frame systems in Omaha, NE. A large scale integration project was formed to architect and develop solutions which allows Bluestem Brands to integrate with the First Data platform. I architected and developed a number of applications for Payment Processing and Collections. These applications were developed in SQL Server SSIS 2008, primarily delivering XML messages across MSMQ connections. Applications for Sold Accounts, Payment Processing, Welcome Call, Remove from Dialer, Promise To Pay were developed for the First Data integration. Architect of a SOX Compliance solution as well as SQL Server migration from 2005 to 2008, specifically DTS to SSIS package conversion.    

Marketing Architects, Inc

  • Lead developer in the MediaGuide spot detection application. This SQL Server SSIS solution processes radio airings provided each day by MediaGuide and matches those airings to customer calls and orders, creating records directly in Marketing Architects CRM solution. Developer in the modification of Order Fulfillment. Modifcation of both SSIS package and Transact SQL stored procedures to support the deliver of numerous CRM fields along with client order data. Developer of Transact SQL for Planning and Performance application, joining CRM and station airing data into a daily refreshed aggregated view of data for media planning. Developer in the implementation of a Shopping Cart application. Responsible for the development of numerous Transact SQL, SSIS and SSRS development to support Order Fulfillment, Offer Management and Call / Order reporting. Developer of numerous reports in both SSRS 2005 and 2008, supported by Transact SQL stored procedures. Created repots for Station Pricing, Credit Card Reprocessing, Order Drop Off, Spot Download and Creative / Network / Script / Offer Intersection report.    

RBC Dain, Inc

  • Participate in the business analysis and design of the Market Research Data Mart. This Data Mart supports 7 subject areas, centered around a client account, branching out to household and financial consultant. Each subject area supports aggregation, slowly changing dimensions, support of history in metric tables and full surrogate key structure. Developer working on a Firstlogic (now owned by Business Objects) household application. The application performs address correction, and then consolidates accounts based on name, address, phone and social security number. systems.