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Honeywell, Inc

  • Lead analyst in the production readiness role, leading Oracle Financial modules into production.  Within this role, as Financial modules were being tested and configured, prior to production a planned production readiness method would be developed and executed.  Applications required for this effort were developed in Oracle OCI, PL/SQL and Visual Basic.
  • Lead analyst in the co-existence project linking Oracle Financials to a Service Management application based on Microsoft Sql Server.  All applications developed through a mix of Perl scripts and PL/SQL procedures.

Liberty Check Printing, Inc

  • Extensive experience developing Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures used to report financial data for numerous credit unions.   Oracle SQL Loader is used to read the data from the heterogeneous customer mainframe systems.  Once loaded, the data is manipulated to closely represent the needs of the financial reports themselves.  Entire system is driven by Oracle PL/SQL procedures with Oracle Forms and Report Writer  providing financial reporting capabilities.

Edina Realty, Inc

  • Development of Oracle Call Interface manager application used to replicate data from an IBM RS6000 platform to numerous Novell platforms.  The application, written in C, drives a third party tool (Infopump) distributing data to Novell instances.  .
  • Development of Oracle Call Interface ETL application to load data from a ASCII data files into an Oracle database.  The data, consisting of realty data and property photographs are loaded into Oracle on a seven times of day. 
  • Development of a PL/SQL migration application used to migrate public record property data from a third party data feed into an Oracle database.  The migration includes 900,000 properties across 9 counties on an annual basis for property data and a monthly basis for sales updates.

Ceridian, Inc

  • Lead analyst / developer in the development of an ETL application used to load legacy based energy data into the processing agent of an Oracle based hub and spoke energy management system.  The protocol named Widenet manages data from 5 remote servers in a centralized server.  Widenet provides a common protocol for the 5 remote servers and single central server to communicate.  An Oracle Call Interface application was developed to provide two way communication between the Widenet coordinating system and legacy systems.