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Chronimed, Inc

  • System tuning.  A review of the I/O configuration of the DEC Alpha environment resulted in the change in configuration to ensure 100% database integrity while providing optimal performance.  Analysis of stored procedure logic and implementation of approved changes against the top 200 procedures of the 1,500 procedure Order Entry system.  Tuning of the Sybase server took place to optimize performance against Sybase release 11.9.2.  
  • Analysis and implementation of indexing strategy to aid the performance of the Peoplesoft application.  By analyzing the key structure of the populated Peoplesoft tables, we were able to significantly increase the performance of the overall application. Also, we re-deployed Peoplesoft against it's own Sybase server.  At the expense of additional memory, this strategic change allows the Peoplesoft application to run against it's own engine (better CPU usage), have it's own dedicated segment of memory and allows for upgrade flexibility of both Peoplesoft and / or Sybase, as needed.

Honeywell, Inc

  • Developed a performance trending application custom to the clients site.  This tracking tool records numerous performance measurements of IBM AIX, Sybase and application activity.  The values are taken every 5 minutes and stored in the Sybase database.  A Microsoft Excel spreadsheet is configured to pull the data, based on an input date, for a four week period.  The data is manipulated into trending graphs (VBA with Microsoft Excel) and tables to show the performance trend of the previous four week period.  This data is most useful when attempting to determine the overall system performance of the machine from one point in time to another.

Northwest Airlines, Inc 

  • Analysis of a co-existence (legacy to open systems) application led to the implementation of a physical storage layout, increasing the application performance by 12%.  Behavior of the Unix system indicated the existence of a over worked single drive.  Implementation of RAID 0+1 increased performance and was implemented transparent to the application.