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Honeywell, Inc

  • Development of a telemarketing application used as an interim solution to a vendored solution.  The protocol links the Sybase database on an IBM RS6000 server across a SNA / LU6.2 line to a legacy mainframe.  The protocol services an Order Entry system used to market security monitoring service from a partner insurance company.
  • Architecture, development and implementation of an application utilized to monitor commercial and residential premises.  The client / server application is based on an IBM RS6000 utilizing the Sybase relational database server.  This application requires the greatest level of redundancy and availability.  The architecture includes a system designated as primary, two hot and ready backup systems a development, testing and training system.  The application provides for warm fail over capability, allowing for the switch in server within 3 minutes.
  • Consultant to the initial PeopleSoft implementation running against Oracle 7.1 on a Hewlett Packard 9000 system.  Responsible for all technical aspects in readying the system and relational database for production.
  • Technical lead in the implementation of a Service Management system named OpenUptime.   The product runs against Oracle and Ingres.  Production installation and support of sites in Scotland, UK and Phoenix, AZ.
  • Administration of the initial beta test of Oracle Financials and Manufacturing applications.   Eventually, Oracle Case and Project Management software included in the administration duties.
  • Lead analyst in the design and implementation of new hardware architecture for the Honeywell Protection Net Center.  The upgrade consisted of 4 SMP IBM RS6000 systems and Clarion RAID 5 disk farms (full redundancy and hot swappable capabilities).  The migration to this hardware was transparent to the operation of the center and improved performance dramatically, allowing for customer expansion.
  • Lead analyst in the production readiness role, leading Oracle Financial modules into production.  Within this role, as Financial modules were being tested and configured, prior to production a planned production readiness method would be developed and executed.  Applications required for this effort were developed in Oracle OCI, PL/SQL and Visual Basic.
  • Development of a Microsoft SQL*Server to Oracle co-existence application.  This application feeds financial data from a Service Management system housed on SQL*Server to the Oracle Financials application.