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  • Design, development and support of a Data Warehouse ETL applications hosted on the DB2 (UDB) RDBMS, with client presentation in Microstrategy and Business Objects client software.  The ETL applications produces data used in loan servicing, marketing, cross sell and campaign applications consisting of hundreds of wide and deep tables.  ETL applications are run for both monthly and daily environments and are driven by Microsoft Access hosted Metadata tables.  This Metadata approach allows business users the ability to define structure (fact, aggregate, dimension and range) tables, used in the ETL process on the respective build period.
  • Development of a Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 application used to analyze business authored queries.  The application accepts a text file containing SQL statements and parses the statements into 3 baskets; one for columns selected, one for table names and one for selection criteria.  The application after processing all queries found in the specified input files provides statistical analysis of the queries processed.  At this site, this application was used to analyze 1,100 user created queries.
  • Development and support of real-time co-existence application used in an online transaction processing package.  The communication application, referred to as Transformation Server translates financial data from a source (Sybase Replication Server) and transmits to a destination (Sybase CICS Gateway Server).  The software runs as a background process, communicating with both source and destination under a well defined protocol, over a multiple socket connections.  Communications with Sybase Replication Server occur using Sybase Open Server, while communications to the mainframe occur using Sybase Open Client.  All application code written in C.