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Bluestem Brands, Inc  

  • Architect / Developer in the design and development of multiple collections applications. Conversion from the flagship credit application CoreIssue to First Data. The First Data credit application hosts Bluestem Brand credit data on main frame systems in Omaha, NE. A large scale integration project was formed to architect and develop solutions which allows Bluestem Brands to integrate with the First Data platform. I architected and developed a number of applications for Payment Processing and Collections. These applications were developed in SQL Server SSIS 2008, primarily delivering XML messages across MSMQ connections. Applications for Sold Accounts, Payment Processing, Welcome Call, Remove from Dialer, Promise To Pay were developed for the First Data integration.
  • Architect / Developer in the design of a SOX compliance audit tool. I designed an application, data modeled a solution for auditors to review batch processes in relation to SOX compliance standards. The solution pulls all batch process results to a central audit database via SSIS packages. Batch processes which fail, abort are disabled or rescheduled log data and open HP Service Management incident tickets. The SOX compliance application pulls all related data to the SOX compliance reporting database. A series of reports were developed for auditors to review operations response to resolving batch process issues.
  • Developer converting numerous DTS packages to SSIS. During the migration from SQL Server 2005 to 2008 all DTS packages were re-written to SSIS. This includes the development of VB Script Transformations as well as C#.