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  • System tuning.  A review of the I/O configuration of the DEC Alpha environment resulted in the change in configuration to ensure 100% database integrity while providing optimal performance.  Analysis of stored procedure logic and implementation of approved changes against the top 200 procedures of the 1,500 procedure Order Entry system.  Tuning of the Sybase server took place to optimize performance against Sybase release 11.9.2.  Also, since the DEC Alpha  serves multiple applications (PeopleSoft accounting and pharmacy mail order), the implementation of Sybase on the DEC Alpha was re-engineered to split these applications on separate instances, providing better performance and increased administration service.
  • Application tuning.  Both the PeopleSoft and pharmacy mail order application were monitored to better understand the application behavior.  Table design and indexing strategies were developed which offer the most optimal performance of both applications on the same DEC Alpha server.
  • Production readiness.  System administration procedures were developed and placed in service to ensure a highly available and recoverable environment.  A System Administration document was created which comprehensively describes all system configuration, processes and procedures found on the production server.  This document aids in the daily administration of the system.
  • Reporting system prototype.  A Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 application was developed which exhibits the ability to present Sybase based data in Microsoft productivity tools in a direct fashion.  This successful prototype has sparked a company wide discussion on the direction of the next generation reporting subsystem.